Announcing our Mission

When the first Linux Developer Conference Brazil happened last November, we didn’t know exactly what to expect. The idea and organization of the event happened just a few months before it actually took place. Speakers were kind enough to find time in their busy schedules. Our sponsors, believing in our local community, gave us the resources we needed to make it happen.

On that gray morning, people started to show up and pick up their badges–which we had printed ourselves–and soon the venue was full of people and conversation. As the talks began, we almost ran out of seats in the amphitheater at the Institute of Computing. And during the coffee breaks, the corridor was packed. You almost couldn’t walk.

Those signs of our success left us wondering where the Brazilian community of Linux and FOSS development could go. Could we put Brazil in the map of the international events? Could we bring local and international developers together and strengthen these bonds? We felt the future held big things in store for us. And so we sat down and put together a mission statement that we are now proud to share with the world.

Keep an eye on our website and social media pages to get updates. We will soon release more details about 2018’s event, dates, registration and the call for papers.

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