Here are our speakers

Our selection process is finished and we are happy to announce the confirmed speakers for the 2018 edition of the Linux Developer Conference Brazil. Without any further addition here is the list of the accepted talks:

  • Beautifying syscall args using kernel headers and eBPF in ‘perf trace’ — Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
  • Bootstrap of the Debian ppc64el port: history, concepts, techniques, and  challenges — Mauricio Faria de Oliveira
  • Constructing a virtual CPU from the ground up — Eduardo Habkost
  • Da linuxdev-br ao GSoC: Displays Virtuais no Kernel — Rodrigo Siqueira
  • Generic Pin Configuration – Pin Control Subsystem  — Matheus Castello
  • Implementing Transactional Memory in Kernel space — Breno Leitão
  • Introduction to MTD memory in Linux — Ezequiel Garcia
  • Keeping the ABI [somewhat] sane — Gabriel F. T. Gomes
  • Managing client’s projects in open source and being profitable — Alvaro Soliverez
  • O modelo de desenvolvimento de drivers do kernel Linux — Sergio Prado
  • Open Source Peer-to-Peer Cloud Software for Everyone — Jon “maddog” Hall
  • Performance counters in htop 3.0 — Hisham Muhammad
  • Porting Linux to an Embedded Platform without pain — Fabio Estevam
  • Securing Software Updates for IoT devices with TUF and Uptane — Ricardo Salveti
  • The danger of ring3 rootkits — Fernando Mercês
  • Three tales of Free Software in my teaching at Unicamp — Islene Calciolari Garcia
  • Who’s afraid of Spectre & Meltdown? — Alexandre Oliva

The conference will be happening on August 25-26 in Campinas – SP – Brazil. Check our site and registration page to learn more. Soon we will be releasing the full agenda, abstract of the talks, including one or two extra talks, lightning talks, keynotes from some of our sponsors and discussion tables.

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