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Beloved audience, it is with great excitement that we announce the program for this year’s Linux Developer Conference Brazil — linuxdev-br. We are assured that the program covers a wide range of topics, all highly relevant to the Linux community, accessible to attendees with different levels of expertise and brought by experienced speakers who have been on duty for a long time. Despite the great line-up from last year’s linuxdev-br, we believe that the current program surpassed it by far, and we are both glad and proud of the agenda we were able to assemble.

See the full program. Yet, let’s add some numbers to these names!

During this year’s call for presentations, we had a total of 44 talk submissions, from which 27 were accepted by a review board with 13 notorious Open Source developers. Amongst the accepted talks, we have 5 international speakers. We had 7 submitted and accepted lightning talks (and more lightning talks will be accepted during the event). We currently announced 3 keynote talks confirmed and we are working to confirm at least 2 more in the following days. Finally, 2 workshops will also take place during the conference!

Awesome, huh?!

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