linuxdev-br 2019 is coming!

linuxdev-br 2018 was a great success, we had twice the number of attendees compared to the first edition, we also had our first international attendees and speakers and half of the talks were in English.

For this year we are aiming for an even better conference!

linuxdev-br 2018 photo group after the closing ceremony

In 2019, the conference is going take place on August 3rd and 4th at the in the Radisson Paulista Plaza hotel in São Paulo, the 4th largest city in the world. This is the first conference outside the University of Campinas (Unicamp) where we made our first steps and we are grateful for all the support they gave us.

Besides the traditional conference in the first weekend of August, we are also going to have a pre-event on August 2nd at the University of Sao Paulo (USP) with hackerspaces, training and hacking sessions, with the goal of having the attendees contributing to Open Source projects from day 1, with guidance from active members of the Communities.

linuxdev-br 2019 venue – Radisson Paulista Plaza hotel

Registration are already open, with early bird prices until May 4th

The Call for Proposals will be open soon!

If you are interested to become a sponsor, check for more information at

See you there!

linuxdev-br: a Linux international conference in Brazil


On August 25th and 26th, the second edition of the Linux Developer Conference Brazil took place in the city of Campinas (Sao Paulo state) in Brazil. The first edition, in 2017, attracted 100 attendees with presentations from 8 speakers. This year the conference has grown bigger with 200 attendees and more than 30 talks in the schedule plus panel and lightning talks while at the same time doing the first step to become international. The first international speaker showed up and half of the content of the conference was delivered in English.

Be international is one of the main goals of the linuxdev-br, it wants to attract the Linux community from all over the world to integrate with the Brazilian community to share their experiences about many different subjects with the goal to promote more engagement from the Brazilian community to the Open Source world. In this second year of the event, Jon ‘maddog’ Hall, Ezequiel Garcia, Alvaro Soliverez and Erick Cafferata were the first internacional speakers of the history of the conference.

The technical content was excellent, many of the talks were given by Brazilian developers internationally respected by the Open Source community, it included Eduardo Habkost talking about Constructing a virtual CPU from the ground up, Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo bring up whant is latest on perf, Breno Leitão on Implementing Transactional Memory in Kernel space Ricardo Salveti on Securing Software Updates for IoT devices with TUF and Uptane. Everything was live streamed and the videos are already available at the linuxdev-br’s YouTube channel.

On a different front linuxdev-br succeeded in captivating several national and international companies who were there to integrate with the community and to learn more about the Open Source world, Some of them even sponsored the event: these companies Collabora, IBM, Vulcanet, ProFUSION, Toradex, 4Linux and Embedded Labworks.

Integrate newcomers to the Open Source community is also part of the mission of the conference. At the first edition Rodrigo Siqueira was still trying to understand how to start contributing to the Kernel but this year he was one of the speakers and talked about his current work with GPU and Display kernel drivers, and how experienced developers he met at the previous edition helped guiding him to be the kernel developer he is today.

The expectation for a sounder event next year is already big. The hosting city for 2019 will soon be announced, and the conference will continue further into its journey to contribute with a stronger FOSS community in Brazil and worldwide.

Thank you for attending linuxdev-br 2018!

We are very happy for everything that happened during the second edition of linuxdev-br in Campinas. We were 200 people attending talks, chatting in coffee-breaks and enjoying the happy hour on Saturday evening. We were a community. We are a community!

Now we will take a break and then start the plans for an even better conference next year, but before that we want to thank you for being there and participating. You are the reason we worked very hard to prepare every detail of the event. We know many things could have been better, but we are more than happy for what we achieve in just one year (first edition was 9 months ago). So thank you again!

Program is out!

Go check the agenda for the second edition of the Linux Developer Conference Brazil. We are thrilled to have such amazing talks about core parts of the Linux ecosystem in a Brazilian conference. We hope everyone enjoy the talks and the conversations in the hallway as much as we will! 🙂

The conference will be happening on August 25-26 in Campinas – SP – Brazil. Check our site and registration page to learn more. Discounted prices are available until July 30th.

Here are our speakers

Our selection process is finished and we are happy to announce the confirmed speakers for the 2018 edition of the Linux Developer Conference Brazil. Without any further addition here is the list of the accepted talks:

  • Beautifying syscall args using kernel headers and eBPF in ‘perf trace’ — Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
  • Bootstrap of the Debian ppc64el port: history, concepts, techniques, and  challenges — Mauricio Faria de Oliveira
  • Constructing a virtual CPU from the ground up — Eduardo Habkost
  • Da linuxdev-br ao GSoC: Displays Virtuais no Kernel — Rodrigo Siqueira
  • Generic Pin Configuration – Pin Control Subsystem  — Matheus Castello
  • Implementing Transactional Memory in Kernel space — Breno Leitão
  • Introduction to MTD memory in Linux — Ezequiel Garcia
  • Keeping the ABI [somewhat] sane — Gabriel F. T. Gomes
  • Managing client’s projects in open source and being profitable — Alvaro Soliverez
  • O modelo de desenvolvimento de drivers do kernel Linux — Sergio Prado
  • Open Source Peer-to-Peer Cloud Software for Everyone — Jon “maddog” Hall
  • Performance counters in htop 3.0 — Hisham Muhammad
  • Porting Linux to an Embedded Platform without pain — Fabio Estevam
  • Securing Software Updates for IoT devices with TUF and Uptane — Ricardo Salveti
  • The danger of ring3 rootkits — Fernando Mercês
  • Three tales of Free Software in my teaching at Unicamp — Islene Calciolari Garcia
  • Who’s afraid of Spectre & Meltdown? — Alexandre Oliva

The conference will be happening on August 25-26 in Campinas – SP – Brazil. Check our site and registration page to learn more. Soon we will be releasing the full agenda, abstract of the talks, including one or two extra talks, lightning talks, keynotes from some of our sponsors and discussion tables.