Call for Presentations

Linux Developer Conference Brazil is meant to be a meeting point for communities developing Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) projects that constitute the Core of modern Linux systems. A space to connect developers, enthusiasts, and companies and to foster both the development of the communities and the Brazilian FOSS market.

General Instructions

Presentations can be submitted either in English or Portuguese, but priority will be given to presentations in English. Submissions are accepted in two different formats: Presentations, which consist of live talks lasting 40 minutes; and Lightning Talks, expected to last from 5 to 10 minutes.

Important Dates

  • March 26th: Submission period starts
  • April 31st: Submission period ends*
  • June 25th: Speakers notified
  • August 21st: Slide-deck delivery deadline
  • August 25th, 26th: The conference happens
    * Deadline may be extended depending on community feedback and the current number of submissions


Speakers are invited to submit talks concerning Linux systems development which are among, but not limited to, the following tracks:

  • Kernel and drivers
  • Containers and virtualization
  • Display servers and desktop environments
  • Multimedia frameworks
  • Compilers and toolchains
  • Graphic libraries
  • Networking and protocols
  • Bootloaders
  • Linux-based OSes
  • Init systems
  • Connectivity
  • Tracing
  • Security
  • Automated Testing and Continuous Integration
  • Internet of Things
  • Community
  • Industry challenges

Presentations may also provide information on its expertise level, being it newbie, average or expert. All expertise levels have equal acceptance priority.

Selection Process

All submitted presentations will be evaluated accordingly to its coherence with the open source ecosystem, relevance to the open source community and its novelty.

Submission Instructions

Once the submission period starts, presenters will be able to access (starting from March 26th) and fill the required fields, which will include an abstract of the presentation.

After submitting, the person will receive a confirmation email. By the end of the evaluation period, all proposals will receive a message informing the acceptance status.

Selected presenters will be requested to submit their slides by August 21st.