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International Speakers!

The board of the Linux Developer Conference Brazil – linuxdev-br – is tight to its mission of bringing high technical content which cover a wide plethora of topics in a way to raise the Brazilian open source community to the international level. Pursuing this objective, and with the feeling of accomplishment, we now proudly announce some of our international speakers! Please, join us in welcoming them warmly!

Hans Verkuil started contributing patches to the MPEG encoder/decoder ivtv driver in early 2004 and it snowballed from there. Since 2013 he is a video4linux co-maintainer responsible for V4L2 bridge drivers and video receivers and transmitters. Since 2016, he also maintains the HDMI CEC framework. Hans lives in Oslo, Norway, working as a senior R&D software engineer at Cisco Systems Norway, developing — surprise! — video4linux drivers. The current state of V4L2 and what can be expected from it in the future will be covered in Hans’ talk, “V4L2: A Status Update”.

Holger Levsen works on Reproducible Builds since 2014 and is a Debian Developer since 2007, a Debian user since 1995 and his hair color seems to be random but is not. Vagrant Cascadian maintains a zoo of arm boards for Reproducible Builds since 2015 and been a user of Debian for almost the entirety of the current millennia. Together, Holger and Vagrant will present “There and back again, reproducibly!”, covering how Reproducible Builds is an important concept in the long journey between reviewed source code and the code you actually run on your computer.

Eduardo Silva is a Principal Engineer at ARM/Treasure Data. He currently leads the efforts to make logging and data processing more friendly and scalable in Embedded and Containerized systems such as Kubernetes. He is the maintainer of Fluent Bit, a Fluentd open source sub-project. During his talk at the linuxdev-br, “Logging & Stream Processing on the Edge”, Eduardo will demonstrate how data acquired from IoT devices can be processed on the edge service or device, enabling earlier analyses while it is still in motion.

Alright! Lets make some noise for these brave gentlemen who are crossing borders to be with us at the linuxdev-br! Also, stay tuned as the full list of speakers is right around the corner and will soon be revealed!

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