Lightweight Virtualization with GoboLinux’ Runner

por Lucas Villa Real, IBM Research Brazil lab

This talk will present Runner, a brand new filesystem virtualization tool specifically designed for GoboLinux. Runner dynamically changes a process’ view of /usr based on the dependencies of a program. However, instead of using full-fledged containers (which carry an entire distro inside them) just to avoid library conflicts when running an executable, Runner multiplexes the filesystem through a custom mount table, like container tools do, but without file duplication or the use of complex management tools. Throughout the talk, similar proposals from other operating systems will be presented and the audience will be engaged on discussions around the topic.


Lucas has a BsC degree by Unisinos and a MsC by the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (USP). At USP, Lucas worked on the Digital TV group developing bootloaders, software demultiplexers, device drivers, multimedia players and other low-level software that comprise a modern DTV system. He was also a member of the team which worked on the Brazilian Digital TV Standard for the government.

From 2007 to 2011, Lucas worked for IBM Almaden Research Center developing storage solutions and large-scale data ingestion systems. At Almaden, he co-designed and developed LTFS, a file system for tapes. LTFS received an Emmy Award in 2011 for its impact in the Media & Entertainment industry and became an ISO standard in 2016.

Lucas currently works at the IBM Research Brazil lab. His research interests are on storage optimizations for scientific applications and on data management for natural resources applications.

Lucas develops and maintains several open source software, including the GoboLinux distribution and DemuxFS (a digital TV sniffer). Lucas has a long experience presenting on FOSS events and on international conferences overseas.