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Only 15 days to linuxdev-br

Only 15 days left for the Linux Developer Conference Brazil -- linuxdev-br!!

linuxdev-br focuses on widening the Brazilian horizons inside the Linux community, promoting the interaction amongst local and international developers, academics and students. With this goal, a broad range of technical topics is covered in the conference's talks and workshops agenda, delivering quality and diversity in a way to connect components that fluctuate in the Linux universe. Check out the program here.

Despite its undeniable importance, we at linuxdev-br don't understand that the bridges between technical topics are the most valuable relations to be built during the conference. We believe that the true gem behind the event is in the personal connections which are created during the speakers and attendees interactions. Searching to create these moments, we added to the conference program a social event which will allow participants to interact in a relaxed way, promoting the experience exchange and the solidification amongst developers. We believe that this is what gives sense to the word Community.

Thus, it is with great joy that we announce the linuxdev-br official social event. Our happy hour will happen on Saturday, August 3rd, at 18h30, at the Urca Pizzaria, a typical paulistano place conveniently located in the proximity of the Radisson Hotel. To participate you won’t even need to break the bank -- All beer, pizza, and appetizers will be on Google!

Done, this is one more reason to get anxious in these two next weeks until the event. And since you don't want to be an outcast, take the chance and register yourself ;)

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