openSUSE: Developing upstream with an heterogeneous environment

By Tulio Magno Quites Machado Filho and João Moreira, openSUSE

Upstream projects support multiple processor architectures, each one of them with its own particularities. As upstream projects evolve, they start to depend on packages that rarely match what a distribution with long term support can offer: the latest compiler, a newer build system or the latest library.
Managing an heterogeneous environment, with different processor architectures, and with a variety of package requirements becomes hard, unless the community helps you.


Tulio is an openSUSE user since 2005 and rolled over all the transformations the distribution had for the the past 13 years, before it was even known as openSUSE.
He has been the GNU C Library maintainer for PowerPC since 2015. Tulio is a Software Engineer at IBM, where he maintains, port and optimize core system libraries for the POWER architecture. He is co-author of “Performance Optimization and Tuning Techniques for IBM Power Systems Processors Including IBM POWER8”

João has a PhD in Systems Security and its aspects regarding Computer Architecture, Compilers and Virtual Systems. He is a Toolchain Engineer at SUSE, where he works with live patching.