Shifting Media App Development into High Gear

By Helen Koike, Collabora Ltd.

Merged in the 4.12 kernel, the Virtual Media Controller Driver (vimc) is now making it easier than ever to develop media applications using the increasingly complex V4L2 kernel API, all without the need for real hardware.
In this talk, we’ll look at how this new virtual driver came to be, its main features, how it talks to API extensions like the Subdevice and Media Controller APIs and the designed API for configuring the virtual hardware. We’ll also discuss how it can be useful for automated V4L2 API testing and V4L2 Core development, and will preview future development plans.


Helen Koike is a Software Engineer and Kernel developer with Collabora’s kernel team. Her recent work includes the Virtual Media Controller Driver in the video4linux media subsystem. She has also contributed to other areas of the Kernel, including ASoC and NVMe (presented at LinuxCon NA 2017), and was part of the Outreachy panel at LinuxCon NA 2016, as a former Outreachy intern for the Linux Kernel.