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Understanding the linuxdev-br

The Linux Developer Conference Brazil, linuxdev-br, is a conference born in Brazil with the mission of taking the Brazilian Linux development community to the international level. In the path towards this goal, the conference focuses on connecting people from the worldwide Linux community with Brazilian developers, companies, and academics, cementing a solid ground for interaction and collaboration amongst them.

Throughout its editions, linuxdev-br grew exponentially both in audience and number of talks. It currently presents contents which are highly relevant to the Linux community, bringing international speakers from different Open Source companies who are working on the bleeding-edge technologies which integrate the latest Linux releases and have experience speaking in the largest, most important, Linux conferences around the world.

The agenda of the linuxdev-br 2019 is, by many reasons, special. It is the first time that the conference occurs with three parallel tracks. Also, it is the agenda with the largest number of international speakers, bringing names such as John “maddog” Hall, Hans Verkuil, Eduardo Silva, Vagrant Cascadian, and Holger Levsen to share their experience with the Brazilian community. Besides that, it brings talks from Brazilian developers who are currently working for the most relevant Open Source-focused companies, such as Oracle, IBM, Collabora, SUSE and Red Hat. Last, but not least, it brings a wide range of knowledge that suits the freshly started developer and the experienced hacker with many years of Open Source contribution.

The registration at linuxdev-br can be easily done [here]s. When registered, the participant gets access to all talks and activities on August 3rd and 4th, including the social event related to the conference. It is also possible to apply for participating in the workshops on August 2nd, but these have a limited number of seats, so be quick!

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