Eventbrite - linuxdev-br 2019

We are proud to announce the third edition of Linux Developer Conference Brazil. Our 2019 edition will happen from August 2-4 in São Paulo, Brazil.

The conference will start with one day of workshops (limited spots – more info soon)  at University of São Paulo on August 2 and then followed by two days of presentations and discussions at Radisson Paulista Plaza on August 3-4.

The Conference

Linux Developer Conference Brazil aims to take the Brazilian Linux development community to the international level. Whether you are just curious and want to understand the Linux ecosystem, someone seeking to contribute to FOSS projects, or even a seasoned collaborator, this conference is for you.

The conference covers upstream development of projects such as the Linux Kernel, systemd, containers, wayland, Gstreamer, gcc, llvm, MESA, gdb, bootloaders, qemu, kvm, ChromeOS, tracing, security or any other low-level component in the Linux world. Our program prioritizes a diverse selection of subjects from all levels of difficulty, so that veteran collaborators can exchange experiences and strengthen the bonds with the community, and that new developers can also learn and benefit from the knowledge that is presented.

From its origin in the GNU and Free Software Movement til today Linux has come a long way to play an extreme important role in enabling multiple aspects of the way we live our lives, however there is still so much we can do to that it feels that we even started yet. Come to linuxdev-br to discuss with us!


Linux Developer Conference Brazil is an international meeting point in Brazil for the community developing Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for the Core of Linux systems and it myriad of platforms – mobile, TVs, cars, home appliances, IoT, Cloud and others.

By providing a place for developers, enthusiasts and companies to connect, we intend not only to help grow the FOSS community and market in Brazil, but also forge a link between the Brazilian community and the rest of the world.

We believe that in order to grow a strong upstream community in Brazil, our industry needs to play an important role in understanding FOSS values and its benefits to product development – be it the freedom of choosing which software to use, faster time to market or more secure software stacks. Inviting companies to the conference and educating them on how to be FOSS citizens is one of our core values.

Moreover, the conference focus is exclusively towards upstream contributions to FOSS projects. Getting players in the global market to understand FOSS values and encouraging them to be part of the community will be one of our main challenges in the time to come.

Supporting an environment where all that can flourish is the founding tenet of linuxdev-br!

Call for Presentations

Call for Presentations has been extended until the 15th of May!

Visti the CFP page for submission details!