A meeting point for developers, technologists and industry leaders who are creating the next generation of technology with Free and Open Source Software.


Our Mission

Linux Developer Conference Brazil is an international meeting point in Brazil for the community developing Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for the Core of Linux systems and it myriad of platforms – mobile, TVs, cars, home appliances, IoT, Cloud and others.

By providing a place for developers, enthusiasts and companies to connect, we intend not only to help grow the FOSS community and market in Brazil, but also forge a link between the Brazilian community and the rest of the world.

We believe that in order to grow a strong upstream community in Brazil, our industry needs to play an important role in understanding FOSS values and its benefits to product development – be it the freedom of choosing which software to use, faster time to market or more secure software stacks. Inviting companies to the conference and educating them on how to be FOSS citizens is one of our core values.

Moreover, the conference focus is exclusively towards upstream contributions to FOSS projects. Getting players in the global market to understand FOSS values and encouraging them to be part of the community will be one of our main challenges in the time to come.

Supporting an environment where all that can flourish is the founding tenet of linuxdev-br!